This showflat seeks to be the ultimate benchmark for a new hybrid concept encompassing both commercial retail and residential experience. This one-bedroom expands on the vibrancy of this exciting district by incorporating pop art, dynamic crimson and sexy black. The sofa in the living area, in the form of a red kiss, and other trinkets and furniture in intriguing form inject fun and passion in the unit. The velvety thick carpet in sangria amplify the sensuality of the room.

A dining setting in black for four is set against a wall of open shelving that visually expands the area while giving provision for displaying valuable memorabilia that gives the home character. The household shelter is decked in an elaborate wallpaper that brings life into the small room that is converted into a private study.

The master bed setting is kept neutral to bring focus to the larger than life pop art on the wall. The irregular-shaped side tables in bright scarlet enhance the punch in the bedroom.

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