Taking down the walls to the fourth bedroom adjacent to the Living, guests and residents are greeted by a generous spacious space when they come into this 4-bedroom showflat in District 10.

The designer uses a palette of shades of grey with pops of colour and mirrored finishes for a touch of shine. Stripes of greys and white in varying thickness inject fun and intrigue in the backdrop of the living space. A bold vibrant artwork hangs above the sofa, creating a focal point. Stainless steel details in the furniture and other glossy finishes add sparkles in the layering shades of grey. The thick shaggy carpet adds a soft touch of warm and cosy in the home.

The fourth bedroom is transformed into an entertainment area and separated from the living space by the minimalist TV feature wall that is designed for maximum visual transparency while giving each area its own unique character. Shelving in pristine white and soft edging sit on the long bay window provide display and storage space. On either side of the shelving on the bay window are upholstered seating pads in rich royal purple for lounging by the window.

A low height games table in mirrored finish with four stools in matching royal purple provide the perfect spot for a game of checkers with the family. The white pendant light in exquisite woven detail hangs over the games table anchors the space beautifully.


Decked in pristine white with accents of wine, the Livia showflat exudes quiet elegance and sophistication. Though using predominantly white, the designers worked with different textures to create layers of interest and depth. The crystal lightings add glitz and glamour while the sheer day curtains in delicate lace prints bring in a romantic element that complements the surrounding greenery. The living room setting is a three-seater sofa and a long bench that maximises the view of the balcony.

The dining area centres around a round dining table in wine with an intricate pedestal design that is light and gives an illusion of a floating dining table top. Crockery in white china and gold trimmings complete a refined dining experience.



The one-bedroom loft showflat for One Loft is immaculate in its palette of white, cream and reflective finishes. The kitchen, living and common bath are situated on the lower level and the master bedroom with adjoining bath is up a flight of stairs adored with an assortment of monochromatic photo frames detailing the small families’ adventures.

The master bedroom is spacious – to the left of the double bed lies a wardrobe in mirrored finish to visually amplify the space and to the right is a niche where a study table provides working space with windows and a balcony allows them to work surrounded by the nature outside.